Friday, September 11, 2009

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Friday, September 04, 2009


” はいさい(^-^)/
昨日は ウークイ でした。子供達も、上手に うちかび うさぎてました。”

***日本人のため、【うーくい】ー 旧盆の最終日に行われる先祖霊送りの儀式のこと。夜遅くに仏壇の前に家族、親族が集まり、線香をあげ、打ち紙 (うちかび)を焚くなどして、先祖の霊をお送りする。ウンケー(お迎え)と並び、重要な儀式である。この日、エイサーが行われる。

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gmail's down, OH NOOOOOOOO!

So Google's been down for a little while now and it appears nobody knows why. My twitter feed is filled with people letting me know that they can't access gmail or gchat but that's basically all they're saying. I googled "why is google down" and that brought up mostly results having to do with old news. So then I decided to try out a couple of real-time search engines; OneRiot, Collecta, and Scoopler. Most of the results appear to be from twitter and they seem to be focusing on people not accessing gmail but nobody seems to be telling me anything besides the fact that they can't get on. This is where I feel there's a problem. I do find it comforting that I'm not the only one with this problem but I'm annoyed that I can't find actual news. I'm surprised Google hasn't come out with information on their blog as the popularity of real-time search provides an opportunity for a lot of mis-information to be spread. Oh well, was hoping that somewhere I would be able to find the answer to my question but it looks like I'll just have to wait. Patience is something that has gone by the wayside as technology has gotten faster and faster. Not only technology, I guess: everthing. I wonder who we told about #FAILS before twitter and SNS came along. Did we call people or just do something else? Here's some screenshots of my results:

One Riot: one riot

Scoopler: scoopler

Collecta: collecta

Twitter Trending Topics: Appears Google really isn't that big of a dealtrending topics