Friday, November 30, 2007

Last week I ran in two races. The first one was in
Sacramento and about 23,000 people participated. It was on
Thanksgiving day. My cousin, Kyle, and I ran together and
my dad and my cousin, Kevin, started together. Kyle and I
ran it in 21:38 to improve upon last years time by almost a
minute. Kevin finished just behind us but probably would
have kept up if he had started with us instead of in the
back. My dad ended up taking the scenic route when he
missed the 5 km turn. That meant that he ran the 10 km as
there were two distances to choose from. He had never run
that long of a distance before and finished in a
respectable 50 minutes.
On Sunday, I was back in San Francisco and ran a race
called "California Academy of Sciences' - Run Wild! 5k/10k!
" People are encouraged to dress up and participate. Most
people don't but I didn't know that before showing up in my
monkey costume. Overall, I had a great time running but by
the last mile was starting to get pretty hot. I finished
in 19:40 to be deemed the First Costume Finisher.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Take a picture & Zoobilidoo it's on the web

So you want a memory card that will automatically upload your pictures from your camera?  Well, here's what you've been waiting for.  It's called the Eye-fi and it holds 2 GB.  It apparently has an antenna and wi-fi built into it.  I haven't done much research besides reading the NY Times article ( but my one concern is what if I take a bunch of pictures and a couple of them aren't pictures I want put on the web.  I'm guessing that they've thought of this and look forward to hearing about what people think after using it.  For now, I'm ok with the strenuous and time consuming work of connecting a USB cord to my computer and dragging my photos.  If you're going to buy it, I guess it costs about $100.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Running with Music

Read an article in the NY Times today regarding banning use of music during races.  I started reading the article with an opinion all ready decided and that hasn't changed.  When it comes to training for a race, I'm all for listening to an ipod.  But during a race, you will never see me listening to music.  This might be the most controversial thing I write but I consider it rude to listen to music while people are volunteering to cheer you on, provide you with drinks, gels, and snacks.  Music might help you get through those tough times during the race but I tend to feed off the energy of the spectators, other runners, and the atmosphere.  There are times when there aren't people on the course cheering you on but to me that's when you have to dig deep and show what you're made of.  Go ahead, read the article, and form your own opinion.  You know where I stand.