Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2007 Nike Womens Marathon

先週の日曜日、今年の3回目のフールマラソンを走りました。ゆっくり走る予定でしたので、時間はあんまりきにしなかった。でも、2キロぐらいから、アキレス腱が変なかんじでした。やめるぐらい痛かったけど、ハーフまで頑張ろうと思った。今まで、やめるの気持ちが経験なかったから、びっくりしました。ハーフのところは1時間55分ぐらいかかって、最後まで走るを決めた。最後の18キロ、知らない可愛い女の子と走りました。そういえば、このマラソンはNike Womens Marathon でしたから、ほとんど女性でした。2万人の中男性は500名ぐらいしか走らなかった。この可愛い女性と走って、Janelって言う人は今まで早い時間で完走しました。


This past weekend I ran in the Nike Womens marathon. I was treating it as a training run since I'm hoping to do well at the California International Marathon in Dec. It was a bit awkward as out of 19,000 plus runners, only a couple hundred were guys. My achilles was really bugging me from the start and I considered dropping out but decided to at least push it to the halfway point. By mile 13, my achilles was feeling better so I decided to finish the race. I ended up running with a nice woman from San Diego for the last 8-9 miles. The only problem is now my achilles has been acting up and I also have shin splints on my left shin probably due to change in running style during the first half of the marathon. I'm getting it checked out this Friday and will be taking a couple days off from running. I do have a triathlon in a couple weeks and the marathon in December so I'm a little nervous about it all.

PS, I probably shouldn't have worn a "Strongman" shirt to a womens marathon but it's my racing shirt so friends can find me in the crowds. Oh well, nobody gave me too much grief about it.