Thursday, March 06, 2008

I can't believe it's been a month since my last entry. I deleted some things but I decided to look at my schedule over the past month and start my post from there. So let's see, February started out with a couple birthday parties and a half marathon. The weather was awful and my health gradually fell to a point where I had a fever and stomach problems that limited my social life to work and sleep with sleep taking over a few days. I'm in full training mode but over the past month I've definitely tapered my running as I don't want to injure myself before the big race and also other commitments have hindered some training days. Tabe Trucks, the mobile ramen venture that myself and 3 other guys are working on is coming along nicely, but we are hitting a period where progress needs to made every week if we are to make a May launch. School has taken a backseat to my fulltime job, the ramen venture, and training for Boston but I'm hoping to finish all the work by April 1. This may be wishful thinking as my workload won't be decreasing anytime soon. Spent a couple days in Big Sur with some buddies from college and it was some needed R&R for me. Drew flew in from Boston so Tim, Dave, and myself decided to go camping and hiking. Since the weather was crap, we ended up staying in a hotel which I readily welcomed as camping isn't my thing. I will be in LA for a day and a half for a JETAASC networking event and a play about Okinawa this coming weekend. But for now I must bid good bye as I have a robot documentary event to go to at the Japanese Consulate. Should be home by 9 tonight.