Monday, January 08, 2007

Last week I was watching one of my favorite T.V. shows, House. House had a patient who was having diarrhea problems. The man had quit smoking and was chewing copious amounts of gum. The gum had sorbitol in it which was the cause of his discomfort. At work I have started to chew gum when doing research. Research can be tedious and when I am either bored, stressed, or tired, I have a tendency to bite my nails. In order to break the habit, I've started gum chewing. So here's my dilemma: If I chew sugarless gum, I could get stomach/ bathroom issues; If I chew sugar gum, my teeth receive the issues. I've tried mints and candy but I tend to just chomp thru them in seconds. Anybody have any good advice? By the way, I've done the whole putting stuff on my nails to deter my habit but it never works.