Sunday, July 08, 2007

So over the next couple of days I'll hopefully be catching up with my blog writing. I've had a busy few weeks as friends visited, did a triathlon, spent some time back home (Michigan, not Okinawa), and enjoyed my first 4th of July in about 6 years in America.

I spent about 4 days back in Michigan to attend my cousin Beth's wedding. It was also the first time in 4 years that my immediate family was together in one place. Unfortunately, my brother in law Jeremy ended up having to cancel his flight due to awful weather in North Carolina. While home I learned my brother Mark had taken up golfing and it gave the men of the family some time to bond over 7 am golfing. Mark beat me both times and Uncle John and I tied when we played. My dad and James had their moments of nice shots but in the end had to settle for 4th and 5th. Maybe next time we get together the order will change.

Now that I've been back in SF for a week, I'm having trouble remembering all the details of the trip. We spent a day at the beach, I went for a run with my sister riding alongside me with water, beat my brother in soccer skills games, caught up with some high school and college friends. I also got to meet up with Derek and Kerrie for a day as they drove into Holland for a day. Overall the trip was a huge success as I got to reconnect with some friends and spend lots of quality time with family.