Friday, August 03, 2007


Went to the Asian Art Museum yesterday for a special on Tezuka Osamu Manga (comics).  I wasn't aware of all the different comics he had done and a lot of them weren't "children friendly"  There was also a wood block exhibit that was interesting but the manga portion was the part I enjoyed the most.  There was also some performance art going on where 4 people were "dancing" in different parts of  the museum.  It ended with them slowly going down the stairs, rolling on the ground towards the exit for about 10 minutes, and then slowly walking out of the museum with a hand raised like how Japanese kids raise their hands when crossing the street.  When they reached the street, they just kept going.  By chance, a cab was driving by and stopped in their path because he thought they were trying to catch a cab.  It was a very funny moment.  I didn't get pics of it but here are some pics I did get.