Friday, December 08, 2006

Soccer/Football is one of my favorite sports but it seems like it's gotten kind of sissy lately. Maybe sissy is a strong word but I'm really tired of the diving that goes on. Maybe it's because I'm short and so my center of gravity is low but I have only fallen a handful of times. Maybe it's bad strategy on my part but when I'm going for a ball or dribbling down the sideline, if a guy bumps me I don't necessarily fall. Of course, I haven't scored many goals either but I don't mind the tradeoff. I'm an honest player who goes hard for the ball everytime. I don't doubt that Christiano Ronaldo is an awesome player. Heck, he was player of the month for November, but I also have trouble respecting a player who is known for diving. I don't turn on the telly (t.v.) to watch a guy fall over if it looks like he might get bumped. Well, enough about that. I'm tying to write about more than my move and job so after having caught up on football news, I thought I'd write my own little article. It'll be interesting to see what kind of reception Ashley Cole gets when he plays arsenal. I've seen firsthand how feisty Europeans can get when supporting their football teams. For any of you who were in the Philippines with me, remember that Man City guy. What a crazy dude. Never met anybody so excited about having been arrested for being a hulligan. If anybody is up for a kick around, I've bought a ball and would love to meet up. Ta for now.

Oh, and what happened to Crystal Palace? I know they're not in the Premiership anymore but 16th place. JOSH, You got me liking them, I even have a sweet jersey. Is there any hope?