Thursday, March 15, 2007

So we all know that the world is getting warmer, more polluted, and more unpredictable. Lucky for us, there are lots of Eco companies looking to clean the Earth up and slow the devastation that is most certainly going to happen. Since starting my job I've been lucky enough to study up on these new technologies and companies. After reading this latest article I now understand what needs to be done...
  1. Save the plankton, Save the World.
  2. Make a volcano, Save the World.
  3. Huge space umbrella, Save the World.
  4. Plant artificial trees, Save the World

Now reading those 4 sentences out of context would probably lead you to suspect that I'm crazy, right? Although the ideas can seem a bit eccentric, there's some truth to those sentences. For those of you who study up on the environmental problems of the world, you know that excessive carbon dioxide is a problem. Solution 1 & 4 above are just different ways of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Read Crazy Technology to learn more about the ideas scientists are coming up with and whether or not, they'll actually work.