Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pillow Fight 2007

A good ole fashioned pillow fight with a twist. The twist was there were a lot more people than you could fit in a bedroom and it all started thru internet postings and word of mouth. It was the 2nd year that a pillow fight has taken place in San Francisco. I went to watch and took some fun pics and videos. I didn't partake because my back has been bothering me and aggravating it didn't sound like fun. It was a very well run event where people were out to have a good time. The rules were simple, bring a pillow and only hit people with pillows. Some people were swinging their pillows a bit recklessly but overall it was a safe, fun event. I saw old ladies in business suits, kids, hippies, yuppies, people dressed in outfits, people wearing helmets... You get the idea.